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Location         : Sam Poo Kong Temple, Semarang
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This 15th century Temple was built to honor Admiral Cheng Ho of the Ming Dynasty, a Muslim Chinese commander and eunuch that visited Semarang in 1405. Sam Po Kong Temple, with its three-tiered rood and oriental styled, was renovated in 2006. 

sam poo kong, a chinese/buddhist temple in honor of zheng he, in semarang, central java, indonesia. zheng he is a chinese muslim navigator/explorer/trader credited for establishing a chinese community in the city of semarang, probably the most chinese community in all of indonesia. this, indeed, is a testament to multi-culturalism.

within the complex is a number of temples/structures and a revered shrine behind the largest of the structures. it is also called gedung batu (stone building), referring to the cave which, if i'm not mistaken, is where zheng he and his men stayed. an anchor, which is said to be from zheng he's ship, is prominently displayed in the complex.

this has been my third time to be in sam poo kong and the whole complex is a work in progress. they have erected a statue of zheng he, plans to build more structures and a hotel is in the offing and an annual festival in zheng he's honor is held. 

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